Comprehensive Vein Care

At Pacific Interventionalists we treat a broad spectrum of venous disorders. Our physicians are experienced in treating simple spider veins measuring less than a millimeter to the inferior vena cava which can be several centimeters in diameter.

In addition to treatments for spider and varicose veins, we offer patients with acute or chronic DVT, chronic occlusive venous disease or advanced lower extremity venous stasis disease a broad spectrum of therapeutic options.

Patients with these conditions are commonly offered no hope for treatment. However, we are dedicated to providing patients and referring physicians with proven treatments and expertise for all venous disorders ranging from Sclerotherapy for spider veins and AVMs to Endovascular Treatments for SVC syndrome and chronic DVTs. Ultrasound guided procedures are the core of modern vein treatments. Technically challenging, these procedures require significant training and experience. Our physicians completed a one year fellowship in image guided procedures which included daily performance of ultrasound guided venous procedures.

We offer experience and exceptional care in:
  • Laser and Radiofrequency treatment of Varicose Veins

  • Sclerotherapy

  • Ultra sound image guided treatment

  • SEPS (Subfascial Endoscopic Perforator Surgery)

  • Microphlebectomy

Our physicians offer a breadth of experience and service unique to Southern California.