Advanced Concussion Imaging

Pacific Interventionalists offers the only SWI concussion specific MRI in the state of California. SWI, short for Susceptability Weighted Imaging, is a brand new MRI protocol which allows doctors to see images of the brain which have never been seen before.

Previously, MRI tests could only see if a patient had bleeding, or a mass within the brain after a traumatic injury. However today, at Pacific Interventionalists, we can use SWI imaging to look inside the brain to see if there has been a concussion. This technology is the same that the NFL has used in evaluating their players after injuries on the field.

SWI imaging was developed by Dr. Mark Haacke in Detroit Michigan. Our Radiologist, Dr. Hewett, is the only Interventionalists in the country to get personally trained by Dr. Haacke in Detroit. This allows us to ensure that we perform each test with the accuracy and specifications that Dr. Haacke developed.

  • MRI studies for concussions use the SWI protocol not available anywhere in Southern California.

  • SWI concusion evaluation is the same technology that the NFL has used in evaluating player injuries.

  • More focus in all sports is being directed to evaluating concussions. Watch the Rock Center special by Brian Williams.
  • We specialize in sports injuries, personal injury cases, and workers compensation cases.

  • Our 3 Tesla MRI machine is one of the most advanced in Orange County. Along with the SWI imaging it is the only one of it's kind in our area.

We encourage all patients who are concerned about having a concussion to inquire with our office about scheduling a SWI Concussion MRI scan: (949) 221-0136. Our office is convienently located adjacent to John Wayne Airport on MacArthur Blvd. and Birch St.

SWI MRI's for concussions is unlike any other MRI test available today.