Medical Imaging

Pacific Interventionalists offers an outstanding level of medical imaging. Our brand new office provides expert imaging for both MRI studies, as well as all vascular ultrasound studies. We are convienently located near John Wayne Airport in central Orange County. While there are many MRI machines and ultrasound labs throughout Orange County, there are significant differences between Pacific Interventionalists and many other offices in our area.

Pacific Interventionalists' MRI is one of the highest quality available, a 3 Tesla MRI, which offers the highest resolution medical images. 3 Tesla MRI machines are capable of providing images which are of much higher resolution than other .75 or 1.5 Tesla MRI machines (3T MRI machines can be compared to High Definition TV, while other MRI machines would be old fashioned TV). Our 3 Tesla MRI is also complimented with the latest software to allow for many advanced studies which cannot be performed on most smaller MRI machines. There are only three 3 Tesla MRI machines in Orange County making Pacific Interventionalists one of the leaders in the MRI field.

Our vascular lab provides the full range of vascular studies available to allow for critical evaluation of all arteries and veins within the body. Many other offices offer vascular studies, but they are often performed by a staff which is unfamiliar with arterial and venous tests. Our vascular ultrasound technologist performs only vascular tests each day, and not other non-vascular ultrasound studies. He is fully trained and certified as a vascular technologist. Also, the doctors reviewing all of the tests performed in our center are trained in Vascular procedures which allows them to provide the highest level of care in your reports. Plus, our ultrasound equipment is specifically designed for the wide range of vascular studies required.

Patients should ensure that their imaging tests are being performed with the highest quality equipment and with staff that is familiar with advanced techniques that can be offered.

Recent advancements in imaging have allowed for MRI's of significantly improved quality