Interventional Medicine for Podiatry

At Pacific Interventionalists we work alongside Podiatrists by helping to provide patients with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of neurovascular disorders of the lower extremity. At Pacific Interventionalists we strive to work as part of a multidisciplinary team to serve patients with severe diseases of the lower extremity. Our role as a consultant allows us to augment ongoing treatments by Podiatrists to help complete the overall care for patients.

Our use of new technology in the treatment of pain related issues and in endovascular therapies makes Pacific Interventionalists a leader in image guided procedures for the podiatry patient.

We provide in-office consultative services for these therapies.
  • Outpatient angiography including CO2 angiography for renal insufficiency

  • Surgical evaluation of patients with arterial insufficiency and venous insufficiency

  • Open and Endovascular treatments of peripheral artery disease (particularly tibial disease) prior to foot or ankle surgery or for wound healing

  • Treatment of neuropathy including nerve blocks and nerve stimulators

  • Venous stasis/insufficiency/reflux treatment via laser or radiofrequency ablation

  • Endovenous stenting of venous occlusions

South Coast Vein Care
Please visit our affiliated practice South Coast Vein Care for additional information regarding treatment of venous disorders of the lower extremity.

Our diagnostic tests and interventions help to provide the Podiatrist with the best possible care for their patients.