Vascular Lab

Pacific Interventionalists offers an outstanding level of medical imaging in our vascular lab. We have a certified Vascular Technologist and two Board Certified Vascular trained doctors who read all vascular lab studies.

Many offices offer vascular lab tests, but most are performed by ultrasound technicians who are not familiar with the arteries and veins. Plus, many tests are reviewed by a doctor who doesn't perform vascular surgery procedures. This can limit the value of the report since the reviewing doctor doesn't have the background in vascular surgery.

Our vascluar ultrasound lab is one of the busiest in Orange County due to the number of vascular procedures we do each day. Our lab is used by all of our surgery doctors prior to any surgery on our patients. Thus, we demand the highest quality tests to ensure the best patient outcomes.

  • Our vascular lab technician is certified in all vascular ultrasound studies of the arteries and veins.

  • Vascular studies are reviewed by a doctor trained in vascular procedures and vascular surgery.
Recent advancements in imaging have allowed for MRI's of significantly improved quality